Asia’s Most Promising Player

Hanis Nadiah Onn, a 21-year-old Malaysian Hockey player that was honored the most promising player 2016 at the Asian Hockey Federation. The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) was founded during the Asian Games in Tokyo in 1958, during which hockey made its first Asian Games appearance. The five founding AHF member countries were India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Hanis , Malaysia’s women Hockey Arena forged a new history recently as young Malaysia Tigress striker. She made an history by becoming the first Malaysian woman to receive a AHF award. The award nominations are made by head of coach of each Asian country with the athletes overall performance throughout 2016 as the main criteria and Hanis has triumph over the other young starts of Asia’s top teams such as China, India, Japan and South Korea.

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“Speed is her biggest advantage. She is not afraid when facing more experienced player and played the game very matured” said Hanis’s coach, Dhaarma Raj Abdullah. In the other hand, Hanis shared in an interview that,  “In 2015, we failed to clear Round Two. This is a breakthrough and we are now in the fight for a World Cup place. My main target is to play at the highest level in world hockey.Yes, it will be very tough as we go up against the top ranked teams. But this is a good chance to test ourselves against the best and learn from the experience,” said Hanis, a Mass Communication student at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

Hanis displayed her skills at the championship and defeated Japan that was ranked 10th worldwide while she ranks 21st winning the game by 2-0.

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