This Is How Grace Kim Helps Herself and Others From Suicide

Grace Kim knows what it’s like to want to commit suicide — and what it’s like to decide to keep on living. Grace (who identifies as gender questioning and uses they/them pronouns) knew they were gay at 4 years old but, growing up in a conservative religious family, told no one. “I was so scared […]

Andre Kajlich to Cycle With His Hands in the Race Across America

This cyclist doesn’t need his legs to travel across America – he only needs his hands. Andre Kajlich lost both of his legs from a subway accident in Prague 14 years ago. Doctors did not believe he would be able to properly sit down – let alone cycle – ever again. But then after he […]

How a 75-year-old Mother Lives Her Life to the Fullest

Sian-Pierre Regis was in Paris when his mother left him a voicemail that he will never forget: “I just got fired, just want you to know that. Call me. Bye.” His 75-year-old housekeeper mother, Rebecca Danigelis, had been working in hospitality for as long as Regis could remember. “We were raised above a hotel,” Regis […]

WeChat Continues to Dominate Red Envelope On 520

WeChat recently released its red envelope data on May 20, China’s unofficial Valentine’s Day, providing us with a glimpse of Chinese enthusiasm towards using the digital red envelope as a way to convey their love and emotions to their family members and friends. In China, the number combination “520” has come to stand for “I […]

Amazon to Bring Checkout-Free Grocery Store to Europe

Amazon is preparing to bring its checkout-free grocery store Amazon Go to Europe in an attempt to crack the $800 billion global market. Last week, the U.K. Intellectual Property Office approved the company’s application to trademark the slogans “No Lines. No Checkout. (No, Seriously.)” and “No Queue. No Checkout. (No, Seriously.)” According to Bloomberg Technology, […]

A Coast Guard Who Lost His Limbs

Dave Riley has always been an adrenaline-chaser — and he probably always will be. His love for adventure started with his life in the military, which was nothing short of thrilling. With a father in the Army, the military was always in Dave’s blood. So he joined the Army himself, and then transferred to the […]

84-year-old Has His Life Written Down in 60 Diaries

Every time his family members reunite in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province in China, retired teacher Fan Wenzhi tells them stories about his past. However, the 84-year-old has age-related memory loss and has to refer to his plethora of diaries; since 1953, Fan has written a total of nearly four million words in 60 diaries. […]

US Kids Try Snacks From Malaysia And Singapore

Folks from the HiHo Kids YouTube channel (formerly called Kids Try) recently did a video starring their talented children eating some popular snacks from Malaysia and Singapore. Apparently, a fan from Singapore called “Loft Laurel” had sent them a box of goodies for everyone to try out. The snacks are: Cheezels, fish crackers, Lot 100 […]

Japanese University To Launch World’s First Research Centre for Ninja

A Japanese university is planning what it says will be the world’s first research centre devoted to ninja – the black clad assassins known for secrecy and stealth. While mostly confined to history books and fiction, ninja have been enjoying something of a resurgence as Japanese authorities increasingly deploy them to promote tourism ahead of […]

 Uber Launches Trucking Dispatch Service

Uber launched its newest app last Thursday — a trucking dispatch service called Uber Freight. According to Recode, the app works in much the same way as the ridesharing services for everyday riders and drivers. But in this case, it matches commercial shippers with truck drivers looking for a job, with freight rides booked several […]