This Is How Grace Kim Helps Herself and Others From Suicide

Grace Kim knows what it’s like to want to commit suicide — and what it’s like to decide to keep on living. Grace (who identifies as gender questioning and uses they/them pronouns) knew they were gay at 4 years old but, growing up in a conservative religious family, told no one. “I was so scared […]

A Coast Guard Who Lost His Limbs

Dave Riley has always been an adrenaline-chaser — and he probably always will be. His love for adventure started with his life in the military, which was nothing short of thrilling. With a father in the Army, the military was always in Dave’s blood. So he joined the Army himself, and then transferred to the […]

Starbucks Gives Its Baristas Free Tuition at the College

Through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP), eligible baristas get full tuition coverage for every year of college to earn their bachelor’s degree. That’s right. FREE TUITION. I mean, how awesome is that? To put that into perspective, the average college graduate in 2016 finished with over $37,000 in debt. In fact, estimates indicate that […]

Photographer Takes Free Graduation Photos For Kids Who Can’t Afford Them

Richard Wah doesn’t have any photos of his high school graduation – that’s because he didn’t have the money to pay for a photographer when he was a teenager. Now that he’s 44 years old, however, he wants to give other kids the opportunities that he never had. Richard, who works as a photographer in […]

Smoking Will Be Banned On 141 Walkways In KL City

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) is pushing for a smoking ban at indoor facilities, including restaurants, in the next three years after banning smoking on 141 walkways in the city as it pushes for KL to become a top 20 liveable city by 2020. Currently, restaurants without air-conditioning are not subject to this ban. “We […]

Baby Kangaroo Returns to Hug His Teddy Bear

After they leave the nest, parents always hope their kids will come back and visit. Even when that kid is a kangaroo. Australian mom and wildlife rehabilitator Gillian Abbot rescued this baby roo when it was two months old and raised the orphan, giving it a teddy bear to cuddle with. Now almost fully grown, […]

Utah Legalises Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids

Lemonade stands have always been a classic example of youngsters exercising their entrepreneurial spirit – and now, thanks to a new piece of legislations, kids in Utah will no longer have to worry about their operations being shut down by the cops. SB 81, a law that was signed by the Gov. Gary Herbert on […]

A Dedicated Teacher That Deserves a Page on Our News

The news of Ahmad Saidin Mohd Idris, a 40-year-old teacher at SK Lenjang, Lipis who travels to the school some 65km from his house on a motorcycle, went viral after netizens shared it on social media. The father-of-two works at the school which caters for 456 Orang Asli students from 17 surrounding settlements. The journey […]

Saudi Woman Defies Driving Ban to Save Man’s Life

This Saudi Arabian woman is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a bus driver who suffered a stroke while on the job. Saudi Arabia is the only country where women are not allowed to drive – but that didn’t stop 20-year-old Ashwaq al-Shamri from getting behind the wheel to save her […]

The Pope Donates to Charity Which Runs A Beach For the Disabled

The beach. It’s everyone’s favourite summer activity, but for some, it can be a little bit harder to enjoy. The sandy terrain can be brutal on wheelchairs (meanwhile, a specially outfitted beach wheelchair can run well over $1,000), and even when the coast has a rubber boardwalk leading to the water, that’s often as far […]