Saving The World Can Be Profitable

With their dollars and reach, entrepreneurs and investors have significant leverage to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. A new tool shows them how — and that it’s good for business, too. The Global Opportunity Explorer details out 300 ways companies can engage in “sustainable innovation,” leading to better societies as well as new business […]

A Malaysian Embassy Opens In The Vatican

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman opened the Malaysian Embassy to The Holy See on 9 May. According to a report by New Straits Times (NST), when speaking at the inauguration of the Chancery of the Malaysian Embassy to The Holy See, Anifah said that opening of the embassy signifies Malaysia’s commitment to strengthening the […]

Digital Library That Runs 24/7 in Penang

If you are a sleepless bookworm, like to burn the midnight oil, or cram your head in the wee hours before heading to the exam hall in the morning, the Penang Digital Library may be just for you. It opens 24/7 starting May 1, with round-the-clock security. The library, which opened last October, is in […]

6-year-old Kid Made A Book On Black Indigenous Cultures

What were you doing when you were in second grade? Probably not writing a book, like the incredible 6-year-old Vanae James-Bey was. Along with her mother, Veronica Bey, Vanae created The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae, a 20-page colouring book that educates children ages 5 through 13 about black Indigenous cultures around the globe. The […]

Paris Sells Love Locks For Charity

Amorous couples, here’s your chance to own a piece of the world’s most romantic city. Paris is selling off the “love locks” that lovebirds attached to the city’s bridges before officials cracked down on the practice. For years’ tourists inscribed their initials on the locks and hooked them to the railings of bridges, most famously […]

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

The World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on May 8 every year. The theme for this year’s Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) Day is “Everywhere for Everyone”, showing the strength of the global network of RCRC staff and volunteers. World Red Cross Day History Red Cross was introduced as a major […]

Streets Are Named After Door Step School’s Students

Remember that we have featured the story of Door Step School? It has come up with an interesting initiative to encourage and motivate children to study. This NGO is naming hitherto no-name alleys and narrow streets in the slums after kids who are academic achievers or have made the effort to rise above their circumstances […]

Door Step School in India

Door Step School was established in Mumbai, India in 1988 and later expanded to Pune in 1993. It is an NGO which was started with the aim of addressing literacy amongst the marginalised sections of society. The organisation built its program to address three major problems: Non-enrolment Wastage Stagnation Door Step School provides education and […]

This Malaysian’s Story Gives Us A Glimmer Of Hope  

Jayaselvaganapathy S/O Manimekala recently shared about how his encounter with an elderly man earlier this year had led to him have more faith and hope in people. It’s about how strangers were willing to extend their kind gestures to feed a hungry man. “21 January 2017, was an unforgettable day for me, because, for the […]

College Students Provide Free Health Care For The Homeless

Stephanie Oh knows what it’s like to live below the poverty line. After graduating college with a degree in bioengineering, she volunteered for AmeriCorps and subsisted on food stamps. But today, Oh gives pays it forward by using her medical education to provide free healthcare to homeless populations. Oh is the student director of the […]