US Kids Try Snacks From Malaysia And Singapore

Folks from the HiHo Kids YouTube channel (formerly called Kids Try) recently did a video starring their talented children eating some popular snacks from Malaysia and Singapore. Apparently, a fan from Singapore called “Loft Laurel” had sent them a box of goodies for everyone to try out. The snacks are: Cheezels, fish crackers, Lot 100 […]

Japanese University To Launch World’s First Research Centre for Ninja

A Japanese university is planning what it says will be the world’s first research centre devoted to ninja – the black clad assassins known for secrecy and stealth. While mostly confined to history books and fiction, ninja have been enjoying something of a resurgence as Japanese authorities increasingly deploy them to promote tourism ahead of […]

Australian Woman Unknowingly Wears Her Engagement Ring for A Year

After a year of dating, Terry gave his girlfriend Anna a necklace for their anniversary. But the sweet accessory, which was handmade from Huon Pine (unique to Tasmania) and a ground-down spiral shell, actually enclosed a secret: an engagement ring! “I had always loved the idea of giving someone a gift where they didn’t know […]

Physicist Invents Drip-Free Wine Bottle

If you’re a seasoned wine drinker, you know the horror of accidentally staining lighter fabrics with those pesky drips running down the bottle. But now, thanks to a physicist at Brandeis University, we may never have to undergo that stressful situation ever again. Daniel Perlman, an inventor and biophysicist, has spent the last three years […]

Restaurant Provides Free Manicure While Waiting for Your Table

This is one restaurant you wouldn’t mind waiting hours for! Hai Di Lao Huo Guo (海底捞火锅), a popular hotpot chain from China, is not just well-known for their flavourful soup stocks and food. They’re also pretty much legends when it comes to customer service! Walk-in customers can expect a queue lasting a few hours to […]

First Chocolate Museum in New York

From cacao beans to truffles, the history of chocolate has been curated inside New York’s first museum dedicated to the sweet treat. Choco-Story New York, created by pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres, opened in March at Torres’ flagship sweets store in Manhattan. “I love to transfer the love that I have for chocolate and […]

Teachers’ Day in Malaysia

In different countries, the day chosen to mark Teachers’ Day has particular significance for the teaching profession there. It may come as a surprise that Teachers’ Day — the day set aside to commemorate and honour the special work of teachers — is celebrated throughout the world on different days. In our region, for instance, […]

Guntu: A New Floating Hotel That Will Travel Japan’s Inland Sea

Japan’s Setouchi inland sea has become quite the tourist destination thanks to its beautiful scenery, fresh seafood and vibrant art scene. But if island hopping isn’t your thing and you prefer a more laid back style of sightseeing, consider Guntu, a new floating hotel that will begin operating within Japan’s inland sea in September, 2017. […]

A Son Pays Tribute To His Mother’s Commitment To Nursing

My mother, Emmie Cheung, is a true nurse who was devoted to her calling all her life. She graduated from St Albans City Hospital in Britain in 1966, and completed her midwifery training in Scotland in 1968. After that, my mother worked as a nurse in Malaysia for 27 years till her retirement in 1995. […]

The Joy of Watching Miniature Japanese Meals Being Prepared

There are books on the wall, a table in the middle of the room, a plant, maybe a floor lamp or two. But something doesn’t feel right in this room, like it’s a set. Suddenly, a gigantic hand reaches into the frame, revealing that the room was indeed a set built entirely in miniature form. […]