Locate Your Parked Car With Google Maps

If you often have difficulty remembering where you parked your car, you’re in luck: Google announced recently that Google Maps now supports saving car parking information. According to Fortune Magazine, after parking, mobile users tap on a blue button in the Google Maps app that will prompt a “Save Your Parking” message, which they then […]

How to Keep Your Social Media Accounts Secure

Your social media profiles are constantly at risk of being compromised. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable accounts to steal in order to have direct access to your followers, where they can then attempt to phish for personal information. Being hacked on social media can be a complete nightmare. It’s such a major part of […]

Malaysia First Ever e-Sports Academy

Slowly but surely, the Malaysian support for the e-Sports community continues to grow. Not just locally, but even international countries are beginning to see the rise of e-Sports in Malaysia with our country hosting one of the biggest e-Sports events and multiple local talents making waves overseas. And now to help broaden the support even […]

Travis the Translator

For expat founders entering the China market, and for Chinese travellers visiting overseas countries, the language difference is the first and essential problem they run into. Aiming to help people have a conversation regardless of their language difference, Travis the Translator recognises and translates speech in 80 of the most common languages within two seconds […]

Apple Launches In-store Education Program

Apple has nearly 500 stores around the world. Now those retail spaces will double as education centres. The company has recently unveiled “Today at Apple”, a new in-store program of educational sessions that will run the gamut from beginner to pro-level. Apple has piloted some similar programs, but only on a limited basis. This will […]

Introducing Facebook’s First VR Social Platform – Spaces

The next frontier of virtual reality (VR) is here. After three years of development following its Oculus acquisition, Facebook has announced its new VR product Spaces. In Facebook Spaces, the social media giant combines social interactions with a 3-D virtual reality space. Anyone who owns an Oculus can login via Facebook to connect with other […]

Foldable Selfie Drone Hover Camera Is Available Now

Zero Zero Robotics, the Chinese self-flying camera drone maker, announced that its flagship flying camera Hover Camera Passport is now available exclusively on Apple.com and in Apple stores. The device hit the shelves of Apple stores on 13 April in five countries and regions of United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. […]

Paytm Rolls Out A Wallet For Food

Digital payments company Paytm announced the launch of Paytm Food Wallet, for companies to roll out instant, tax-free food allowances to employees. Earlier this process was highly dependent on meal vouchers and coupon players like Sodexo and Ticket Restaurant. However, in March this year, the Reserve Bank of India released guidelines asking meal coupon operators […]

MasterCard Adds Fingerprint Technology To Its Credit Cards

While fingerprint sensors may be the reason for a delay in the new iPhone, that technology isn’t holding back MasterCard from rolling out new credit cards with fingerprint technology. The company announced recently that it has successfully wrapped up a pair of trials of cards with biometric sensors in South Africa and is ready to […]

How Google Teach Its AI To Draw

Google has been working on a wide range of AI-based projects lately – earlier this week, it showed off one that can identify what you’re trying to draw and surface clean clipart that resembles your doodle. Its latest experiment is called Sketch-RNN, and it’s a neural network system that has learned to draw on its […]