In a hurt or pain Michael Phelps smiled

It is the dreams of millions around the world to one day become a star athlete, but this is a dream that only a tiny percentage of people get to live. These stars get to play the sport that they love each day, and they earn gigantic sums through their salary and endorsements.

This enables them to lead a lavish lifestyle, but most athletes realize how fortunate they are and make a point to give back. Phelps ended the Olympic Games Rio 2016 with record 28 medals in his career (with 23 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze).

At the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal at the time and received a $1 million bonus from Speedo. He was welcomed home to Baltimore with a parade and set up his own charitable foundation. Everybody seemed to know who he was. Life was sweet. And he was worth millions.

Rather than spending the money foolishly, he invested it in founding the Michael Phelps Foundation, which promotes active lifestyles in children and currently offers three programs name: im, Level Field Fund-Swimming, and Caps-for-a-Cause. Soon he could be helping to train others to follow in his Olympic-sized footsteps.

The Phelps Foundation works with select Boys & Girls Clubs to implement its signature im program, a learn-to-swim program designed to grow the sport of swimming and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle especially among children. The foundation embarked upon an eight-city tour across the country to share his Dream, Plan, Reach message.

(Credit: Michael Phelps Foundation & Daily Mail UK)

Through the im program, the Michael Phelps Foundation provides support to Boys & Girls Club including financial assistance with the overall program costs along with training, staffing, supplies, equipment, pool access and maintenance, support materials such as posters, medal, member handbook and assorted prizes.

His foundation focuses on growing the sport of swimming and promoting healthier lifestyles. Phelps has also supported organizations such as the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and Bid 2 Beat AIDS.


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