Mother Nurtures Disabled Son All the Way to Harvard

Despite being told he would never succeed because of his disabilities, this 29-year-old Chinese man defied all of the odds thanks to his devoted mother.

Because of complications at birth, Ding Ding was born with cerebral palsy. Doctors advised his mother, Zou Hongyan, to give up the infant because he would never be as smart or capable as other children. Even her husband agreed with the doctors, saying that it wasn’t worth keeping a disabled son.

Zou remained defiant. She insisted on keeping Ding and divorced her husband soon after the birth, taking on several jobs in order to provide for her and her son.

Whenever Zou was not working in the Hubei province as a protocol trainer or insurance representative, she would persistently take her son to rehabilitation sessions. She played educational games and puzzles with Ding in hopes of helping to stimulate his intelligence. She taught him how to overcome physical challenges, like properly using chopsticks.

Then finally after years of nurturing, Zou’s stellar parenting paid off: Ding graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Peking University’s Environmental Science and Engineering School in 2011 before being accepted into Harvard Business School for a master’s program.

Though his mother is still across the ocean working in China as he continues to study in America, Ding says that she is still his “spiritual”, according to the South China Morning Post.

Source: Good News Network

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