Two Runners Pick Up Competitor And Help Her To Finish Line

This half-marathon may have been a race to the finish line, but not for these men who stopped running to help an exhausted woman in need.

During the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon this year, a female runner was 100 yards away from the finish line when her knees started to give out and she started shuffling in pain.

When cousins Joseph McGinty and Bryan Crnkovic saw the woman collapse, Crnkovic and another unidentified man rushed to her side to catch her while McGinty got help. After McGinty returned, he scooped the injured runner into his arms and carried her the rest of the track until he could set her down and she could cross the finish line herself.

Paramedics assisted the woman into a wheelchair and escorted her away to get medical attention. She has since been confirmed to be healthy and relatively unharmed.

The two men didn’t know that they were being hailed as heroes until they later received a phone call from a family member saying that the video of their good deeds had been viewed by millions.

Source: Good News Network

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