Woman Goes From Homelessness to Graduating Harvard

If you’re ever feeling dismal about your own circumstances, just take a little bit of inspiration from Norma Heath.

After losing her job several years ago, Norma became depressed and entered a downward spiral that left her homeless and drug addicted without any stability to finish school.

But then her prospects changed two years ago when she found Rosie’s Place – a women’s shelter in Boston, Massachusetts.

There, Norma received counseling and treatment, but what motivated her the most was when the volunteers asked her to write down her goals. Her list consisted of a handful of small things – like regularly attending doctor’s appointments and staying away from bad influences, etc. – but at the top of the list was her ultimate dream: to graduate from Harvard University.

Then, earlier this week, the 51-year-old woman fulfilled that dream and graduated from the Ivy League school with a degree in psychology.

“Like some days, you feel like giving up,” said Norma. “But people around us are going to be our cheerleaders. If I can do it, then you can do it.”

Source: Good News Network

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